Before the Ice Cream Melts

Maddie & Nico are in town, and we head to the playground for a play session before sundown. Then we cap off the evening with a trip to to the ice cream store. It’s crowded and noisy this summer evening, kids and grown-ups all clamoring for a scoop of creamy goodness. Maddie points to a multi-colored sherbet. Thinking it may look fun but taste weird, I ask for a taste spoon for her. She loves it! That’s the one. Nico chooses the same. We jockey for a place at a little table and sit down. They LOVE their rainbow ice cream.

“Let’s take it to show Mommy and Daddy!” They want to show off their treasure. But I know it will be a melted mess of swirly blue-pink-purple by the time we drive through the hot evening. “I’ll take a picture of your ice cream to show Mommy and Daddy. How’s that?” Yes, that’s a great idea! So I take the photos, and the kids polish off their treats.

The yumminess is captured for all time. Maddie asks me to give her my camera so she can keep the photos forever. I promise to send them to her mom and dad. I’m sure she doesn’t understand the intricacies of e-mail attachments and such, but she’s finally okay with me keeping my camera.

These ice-cream photos are kind of like the reason for the stories in this blog. Telling the stories is a way to capture the goodness. A way to make a record of the beautiful rainbow times and the sticky, messy times we have in the midst of a noisy, crowded life. Before they all melt away.



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