Tale of Two Coffee Pots

They lived apart, on separate counters, miles from each other, our two coffee pots. We married, and they moved in together, too. Same counter. Side by side on the lovely granite, right next to the fridge. One serves strong Columbian brew each morning to Mr. O. This pot’s coffee graces a dark-colored mug and remains black and pure. The other pot contains a delicious butterscotch blend, served mild with a splash of milk. Always in a white mug with a little curly-q design on the edges.

 Two pots, two people, one home. Works for us!

 Sometimes side-by-side-but-individual works best in a marriage. Have you found that, too?   

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2 Responses to Tale of Two Coffee Pots

  1. Curt Odegaard says:

    We love our coffee.

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