Meeting a Hero from Haiti

I’ve never been to Haiti. Since the earthquake, it’s been hard to get my mind around all the news. So when a Haitian pastor came to town for a visit, I was able to put a face on the whole situation. While it’s hard for us to focus on thousands of people caught in overwhelming tragedy, here is one Haitian who had lived through the quake and had helped others deal with life since that day. He came to bring a message of gratitude and hope from his country.

Here’s a bit about his story — the story of one man, one church, one newly opened medical clinic in the midst of a country churning with struggle.

Pastor Eduoard’s church once ran a medical clinic. Funds dried up and the clinic closed, but Pastor Eduoard had a vision. He believed one day the clinic would reopen. He put his money where his faith was, paying rent on an empty building from 2005 on in spite of having no idea where funding for medical staff and supplies would come from. After the earthquake, a team from Journey Community Church in San Diego met Pastor Eduoard. He laid out his vision of a clinic. Journey partnered with the Haitian church. Funds came in from hundreds of people. Folks from Journey traveled to Haiti to prepare the building. On January 13, one year after the earthquake, the clinic opened.


Here’s an account from Josh Lawson, an American who was on hand to help that day:

The opening day of the clinic was upon us…..Watching people start to line up and being able to see Andy, Kristell, Pastor Eduoard, and Dr. Carlo praying and cutting the ribbon to open this clinic, which was just a vision for a long time, was amazing. The pillar of honor and humanity, John Jacques, was there with a few other policemen to protect us in case things got out of hand. They had machine guns and bullet proof vests….can you say AWESOME. (Read more of Josh’s blog post here.)

And it was AWESOME in San Diego when Pastor Eduoard prayed, through his interpreter, for the people of Journey: “May your grace pour out on them.”

We who have plenty to eat, medical care, sturdy houses, all we need to survive and thrive. We are just as much in need of God’s grace as anyone anywhere. How humbling to be prayed over by this faith-filled man.

Pastor Eduoard’s report on his church and his clinic and his country? “By prayer we will overcome and we will win the battle.”

Want to know more about Journey’s partnership with Pastor Eduoard’s church? Visit the Journey in Haiti blog. And check out this article in the March issue of PRISM Magazine.

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