Hanging on the Fence

We wanted to display photos of our family at our garden wedding. So we hung them on the fence.

Photos of my childhood and Curt’s, of our children through the years, and of our three grandchildren graced the ropes and danced in the breeze. We were surrounded by those we love, by our heritage.

We strung the wedding pictures of our parents, and these glamour photos of my mom and dad from the 1940s. 

Here’s one where you can see how much my dad loved me.

And one of three generations of us women (big hair courtesy of the 1980s).

On this fence I clothes-pinned the grandkids.

And the heritage grows. Since our wedding last summer, the family has welcomed a new member. Hunter William Odegaard carries my father’s name as his middle name.

The past and the future meet in this little guy.

Whoever you call family, whether it’s friends who are closer than brothers or a vast extended network of kinfolk, here’s hoping you pause to treasure them. Hang them on your mental “fence” and appreciate your past together. And look forward to a growing heritage in the future.

Who would you hang on your fence?

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