Getting Unstuck

My family met for pre-wedding photos at the park. We posed for various shots that included lawn and trees and a riot of bougainvillea. All was going well when we heard a small voice yell, “Help! Help! Help!” Nico had climbed partway up a tree – and he was stuck. He couldn’t go up; he couldn’t get down.

Grandpa ran to rescue him.

Here’s what surprised me. Next time I turned to look, Nico was not safely on the ground. He was not on a thick branch of the same height. He was higher. Much higher. And he was happy.


Sometimes we’re trying something new, something that stretches us. We get stuck. We need help. And then we can continue on. We don’t need to give up. We don’t need to get scared and return to safe ground. We can press on. We just need someone to give us a boost to get where we want to go.


Have you ever wished you could ask for help but were afraid to? Have you ever called on someone to help you achieve a goal at just the right time?

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