Honoring Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Here’s a gift suggestion for Mother’s Day that costs nothing but is priceless. And personal. And your mother will treasure it for a long time. It’s a Gratitude Jar. Simply write on slips of paper things you are thankful for that your mother has done for you through the years. Place the slips in a jar or bowl and that’s it! Of course, you crafty types can decorate the jar. I tied a ribbon and left it elegantly understated (I am definitely missing the crafty gene). I gave my mother one for Christmas, and she still tears up when she talks about this. My mother keeps her jar in her kitchen.

She’s laughed over memories on her slips that she had forgotten about. She’s choked up knowing that I remember little kindnesses. She’s filled in the story of some of my early memories. We’ve relived vacation fun at Lake Tahoe, the tough times when she helped me through a torn knee ligament, and the uncertain days when fire threatened my home and I evacuated to her house with my cats. I could fill many jars with my thanks.

One of the slips thanks my mom for opening her house and backyard garden for my wedding last summer. Isn’t she a beautiful mom?

So consider bringing a smile — and maybe a few happy tears — to your mom this Mother’s Day and jot down some reasons you’re thankful for her. She’ll be grateful you did!

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