Old Glass and Grace

Last summer I remarried my first husband. He proposed with a bouquet of red roses after a picnic lunch on the beach. Now we’re reforging our lives, rekindling romance, relearning who we are after the years apart.

 I love people’s reaction to our news. From our children to friends and coworkers, I’ve seen faces light up with joy. Even the county clerk who processed our marriage license couldn’t stop happily marveling. This restoration of love and family is a tangible reminder that much of the world may be out of control in some sense, but God’s still able to do miracles. As a piece of life that was out of whack clicks back into place for two everyday folks, people see that God gives gifts we don’t deserve and anyone can grab hold of his grace.

In the sun-drenched garden in my mother’s backyard, we celebrated our wedding with family and friends and included in the ceremony our take on this season of our lives .  . .

Today I’m guest posting on the blog of writer extraordinaire Mary DeMuth. Click here to read the rest of this post. And enjoy Mary’s musings about how to “live uncaged”!

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