Lighting the Way

Point Loma, a penninsula jutting into the Pacific Ocean, contains a variety of natural and manmade fascinations.

Whales migrate past this point to the warm waters of Baja. You can see a whalebone skeleton when you visit (Cabrillo National Park).

A lighthouse sits atop the 400-foot cliff, amid the sage and prickly pear and chaparral.

In the1800s, the light guided whaling ships to safety.

Fast forward to the 20th Century, and this spit of land became the first line of defense for the West Coast during WWII.

Tidepools and sandstone cliffs line the base the of the cliffs.

Standing on the edge of the ocean, you are part of the landscape, part of the whaling history, part of the efforts of a nation to remain free, part of the place that lights the night and protects against shipwreck. This beautiful juxtaposition of nature and man’s successful attempts to cope with darkness are an ideal place to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

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7 Responses to Lighting the Way

  1. Ocean Soul says:

    Being an ocean soul I couldn’t help but be drawn to this post! Great shot of the whale bones!

  2. Cedar says:

    Lovely location! Beautiful photos! Happy Anniversary!

  3. laurahartson says:

    this takes me back! i went to point loma and fort rosecrans this spring, and i wrote a post on it a few weeks ago. i love it there! its so peaceful. We spent hours in the rock pools in the sea breeze. thanks for the memory!

  4. You’ve found such an interesting symbolism in this place – – – indeed any relationship has moments of darkness and successful coping, but it also has many more moments of sunshine and relishing in happiness, support, and togetherness. Beautiful composition on the whale bone image, especially. Every shot is a great capture of your travel.

  5. I have always thought lighthouses were magnificently beautiful. I love that you could go on this adventure with your daughter. Thanks for sharing it with us : )

  6. olivia says:

    great captures.. we were down there awhile back, loved it!

  7. Nics says:

    Absolutely great photos. Really interesting to see this part of the world. The whale bone is fascinating, I love your framing. Happy Tuesday. Nics

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