Finding Lighthouses in a Forest

Do you ever feel like your life is on hold? Like you’ve lost momentum? Thinking you
were made to do something more, something great, but your potential is hidden
at the moment?

In a forest in Eastham, Cape Cod, you will find three matching lighthouses.

Why are they sitting in trees instead of perched on the shore? We know that
lighthouses should be on high bluffs visible from far out to sea. They were meant
to do great work, to shine bright and guide ships to shore and save crews from shipwreck.

These “Three Sisters” were built on the Atlantic in 1837. They did indeed
light the shore for more than a century. Seafarers knew where they were headed
when they spotted three lights together, rather than one or two. These sisters
served well. But Cape Cod is known for extreme weather and crumbling cliffs. Erosion
brought the sisters within eight feet of the cliff’s edge. A hundred years ago,
two of the lights were moved. Eventually the third was moved and a new light
was built further back on the bluff. It’s beauty has made it a model for
artists and postcards and potato chip bags.

The sisters are difficult to find today. A guidebook and diligent attention to
signage is necessary. Most tourists to this beach find only the picturesque newer
lighthouse. We joined forces with a couple of delightful travelers and together
we discovered the sisters in their quiet clearing.

The sisters have been restored, but two of them are missing their lights.

These lighthouses aren’t being used for their original purpose. But they are lovely.
They brought smiles to us who took the time to track them down. The peace of
this hidden patch of lawn graced by these sisters brightened the cloudy, drizzly day.

Maybe you aren’t where you’d hoped to be at this point. Maybe you wanted to be high on a bluff, seen by many. And you’re in more of a forest. And the light may be lost at the moment. You are still beautiful, though. To those who see you, you still shine.

Where are you sitting today? Are you hidden in some way? Or are you in a marvelous season on the bluff? Wherever you are, keep the faith; remember that to someone you are their light.

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5 Responses to Finding Lighthouses in a Forest

  1. Sandy says:

    I love this post! I’m taking to heart the phrase…..”…keep the faith; remember that to someone you are their light.”

  2. Minna says:

    I like your lighthouse pictures! They are very pretty.

  3. Vicky says:

    This post is great. As I read I kept hearing in the back of my mind the little song “This Little Light Of Mine”…..I’m gonna let it shine…. Can’t hide it under a bushel, No!
    Can’t hide those light houses either. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

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