I love reading blogs. I love to learn, see something in a new light, get inspired. A blog convinced me to sponsor a little boy in India. Several blogs about Christmas gifts led to my family pooling our money and buying a goat this year for someone struggling to survive. Some blogs teach me about finances, travel, books. Some blogs provide welcome humor. Some contain cries for help.

As a baby boomer who’s lived awhile, maybe I have something to offer in the land of blogs. I know what it is to make a U-turn, a course correction (many, many of these). My children did grow up and are thriving, though some days I wondered if that could ever happen. Now my grandkids are teaching me even more about how rich life can be. 

I hope this little blog of stories and thoughts will encourage you.  God’s grace is extravagant, and he doesn’t waste anything that we go through. That’s what I’m learning, sometimes the hard way. And it’s great to laugh along the way, isn’t it?

Sharon Odegaard


2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Curt Odegaard says:

    I love your blog. You are a wonderful writer. Congratulations on the launch. It is beautiful!
    How interesting. You have the same last name.

  2. Hi Sharon, I met you at the newbie breakfast at BlogHer11. What an awesome event it was. You have a beautiful blog.

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